Most Terrifying Real-Life Haunted Houses   by Cristi Grimes

From 'The Conjuring', 'Insidious Chapter 2' to 'Paranormal Activity' franchise, haunted-house-plots have invaded the silver screen this year. Truth be told, these movies are based on true case files. Yes, haunted houses are real and some of them still stand today.

Eerie voices, strange noises, mysterious smells and apparitions, restless spirits still linger in these structures making them the most terrifying real-life haunted houses in history. Let us discover what paranormal experts have found out through the years of research.

Case #1 Myrtle House

The stately old house was built in 1796 and set in the famous Myrtles Plantation. Researchers say that at least ten murders took place in the house. One of the vengeful spirits who haunt the premises is Chloe, a slave who was murdered for poisoning the wife and daughters of her master-turned-lover.

The Myrtle House is now a famous bed and breakfast. It was restored to welcome guests who wanted to visit the country. However, visitors continue to report eerie disturbances especially during the night. This includes being poked while sleeping, seeing ghostly apparitions, handprints on the mirror and more.

Case #2 Monte Cristo Homestead

With its lush green fields and breathtaking view, who would've thought that the Monte Cristo Homestead is the most haunted place in Australia? According to Painter Perth, the Monte Cristo property was at the height of luxury when it was built in 1884 for the Crawley family. It's now a bed and breakfast open for ghost tours.

Tragedy started when the infant daughter of Elizabeth Crawley was accidentally killed by a servant. This was followed by the death of her husband due to heart failure. Elizabeth became reclusive and cruel, pushing people from the balcony and burning servants to death. Visitors have reported several ghost sightings.

Case #3 Sallie House

Residents of Atchinson, Kansas feared the old brick house at 508 N. Second Street. They call it the Sallie House. It earned its spooky reputation when it was featured in a television show, the Sightings. It all started when Debra and Tony Pickman experienced unexplained physical attacks including burn marks and scratches.

Paranormal experts consider the house as probably 'demonic' because of uncontrolled violent incidents. It was called 'Sallie House' because the previous owners from the 1940s had a daughter named Sallie. Experts discovered that the daughter of some previous tenants calls her imaginary friend Sallie too, coincidence?

Case #4 Villisca Axe Murder House

A not-so inviting name for a bed and breakfast, nevertheless, it's one of the most visited places in Iowa. The house originally belonged to the Moore family in the early 1900s. On the night of June 9, 1912, six members of the Moore family and two house guests were found bludgeoned to death, all with severe head blows from an axe.

The murderer was never found even though investigation went on for years. Today, the house opens its doors to day tours and overnight visits. Several psychics have declared the house haunted due to numerous strange phenomena. These include falling lamps and objects, mysterious voices and ghostly apparitions.

Did you know that the US 'White House' is also one of the most famous haunted houses? It houses not just the current first family but also ghosts of former presidents. Another most visited haunted place is the 'Whepstead House' of Australia. Painters Perth explained that the historic structure once served as a private hospital.

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