Fed-Ex Tombstone from Dave Lowe Designs

* This is for informational purposes only and is the sole copyright of Dave Lowe Designs.

There are many tombstone tutorials out there but I think this one is really special.

I discovered this a few years back and had never really thought of this take such a simple and easy prop. These graves have been a mainstay in my Halloween displays ever since.

If you don't want to buy premade or make them out of wood or foam (which is really cool, by the way) this is a great alternative and it will almost cost you next to nothing.

Dave Lowe is a prop master, illustrator and all around creative guy and the gravestone you see below was made with a Fed-Ex shipping box.

Pretty awesome I would say. Check out the full tutorial here.

To learn more about Dave Lowe and his other creations visit his blog or go to DaveLoweDesign.com.


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