An Easy Way to Add Spice to Your Halloween Lock-in Party  by Mike Smith

As we make our progress into the year 2008, it is time that we develop more and more progressive thoughts. There used to be a time when children were happy with door to door 'treat or trick' formula, and it was later replaced with the more convenient option of Halloween parties. What if I tell you about a better idea? If you have a young boy or girl who wants to have a little space for themselves outside the world of adults, then Halloween lock-on parties would make them happy!

What are Halloween lock-in parties? Well, these parties are usually hosted at your local church. The good thing about the Halloween lock-in party is that children have so many things to do here that they cannot but enjoy themselves, and will rarely become bored! If you are worried that your kid won't get a helping hand here as in the usual parties, you are completely wrong! There are many people out there who would be more than happy to help your kids with their party.

There is one thing to be careful about! As a matter of fact, Halloween lock-in parties are usually attended by children of different age groups. So there needs to be a little planning. If there is any contest or competition to be held, such as pumpkin decorating, Halloween costume [] contests or other competitive games, then they should be divided among the various age groups

This is because such contests are usually not suitable for kids of all age groups. Such contests should be planned in advance, keeping the age group of the kids, and they should be divided in a way as appropriate among the kids of various age groups.

Halloween lock-in parties don't have to be strictly 'children's parties'; you, as a responsible adult, can also participate in them, play games with children, etc. Here is a cool game that I like very much. It is the game of fortune telling. You choose a corner within the room where the party is hosted, and screen off that that corner. You then take a gazing ball and use it as a crystal ball. You then proceed to tell the fortunes of the children by reading tarot cards. The rule would be that in order to have his fortune told, a kid must 'pay' with a chocolate coin. This is really a cool game that is popular among teenagers!

You can get many more ideas for games and contests by doing a search online. With a little planning, your Halloween lock-in party could become a thing to reckon for years to come!

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