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*Here's an interesting article on how Halloween is celebrated in Rome, Italy.*

Halloween is a yearly celebration enjoyed on October 31 by the people of Rome. This festival is celebrated with great pomp and show to honor the dead. In this article we are going to share some exciting ideas of party theme. By which you can celebrate your Hallowe'en discotheques party in a spectacular way.

If you are celebrating your Hallowe'en party in Discotheques, try these exciting part ideas:

Cleopatra Theme: Cleopatra gowns and jewels looks stunning and men look dazzling in Marc Antony or Julius Caesar look. Try this theme for an ancient look.

Era Theme: Tell every one to dress from the same era. It could be flappers from the 20s, poodle skirts from the 50s, hippies from the 60s or disco looks from the 70s. Or any other era that captures your imagination.

Fun Theme: If you want to celebrate your halloween party with fun, you can choose this theme. Tell everyone to come in cartoon character costumes. This theme will be preferable for kids.
Headwear: Tell your guests to wear some type of headgear. It can be as simple as a cowboy hat, or as wild as a monster mask, faces from the rock group Kiss or an astronaut's helmet, but everyone must have something on his or her head other than hair.

Movie Theme: You can choose your favorite movie it could be a horror movie or other comic movie like Alice in Wonderland, Pirates of the Caribbean etc. Tell your guests to come in the outfits of a specific movie. You will surely enjoy.

Scary Theme: You can select scary theme in which tell everyone to dress like ghost, goblin, ghoul or other monster.

Specific Story Theme: You can choose your favorite story like Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter, Buzz Lightyear or even Winnie the Pooh. Star Wars, Titanic, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings etc.

Star Trek Theme: Cool for everyone - especially Trekkies! Beam me up Scottie - dressed as guests' favorite crew members, Klingons and others.

Super Heroes Theme: Superman, Super Girl, Batman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Ironman and Wolverine might share their stories. This is wonderful theme. Try this and have fun.

Renaissance Theme: Renaissance costumes are lusty and fun, which sets the scene for a great party. You could try to talk in Old English, too.

All these themes will rock your party in discotheques. Decorate the discotheques hall with various kinds of haunted accessories.

Hallowe'en discotheques party are so popular in Rome. People of Rome know how to celebrate. Try these exciting ideas and rock the dance floor.

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