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(ARA) - When the ghosts and goblins, superheroes and villains come knocking on your door this Halloween, do them a favor. Instead of dropping a candy bar or two into their trick-or-treat bag, fill it up with healthy alternatives. With childhood obesity on the rise in the United States, a bag full of candy bars -- with their empty calories -- is the last thing the neighborhood kids need.

“Nutrition and Halloween aren’t two words that are normally seen together, but it is possible to promote healthy eating habits during the Halloween season,” says Lisa Katic, the nutrition advisor for the Snack Food Association. She recommends parents make sure their kids have a nutritious meal before heading out the door to go trick-or-treating so they won’t be tempted to fill up on candy; and instead of handing out candy bars, that you set a good example for the neighborhood by giving away nutritious snacks.

Among the Halloween alternatives gaining in popularity these days, granola bars, cheese and cracker packs, sugar free gum, and packets of instant hot chocolate, carrots and pretzels. “You really can’t go wrong setting a precedent in the neighborhood as the home that hands out the treats that are good for you,” says Katic.

Among the healthy treats you’ll find on the market this Halloween, specially decorated bags of Snyder’s of Hanover mini pretzels. Each orange bag, featuring a picture of an intricately carved jack-o’-lantern, contains 36 half-ounce bags of mini pretzels. Each serving contains just 50 calories and has no fat or sugar.

“As far as calories are concerned, they compare favorably to other typical Halloween treats,” says Bob Gould of Snyder’s of Hanover. The average candy bar contains about 95 calories, 5 g of fat and 10 g of sugar.

Here are some other alternatives to Halloween Candy:

* Sports or trading cards. If you have a little more money in your Halloween treat budget, you might consider buying some sports cards or another popular trading card for children. Those with large budgets can probably afford to leave an entire pack in every child's bag, but you could also give out individual cards.

* School supplies or stickers. Kids are always misplacing their pencils, erasers and crayons, so these are holiday treats they will really appreciate. Stickers are also popular among youngsters in school. They can use them to dress up their notebooks or lockers.

You can find special Halloween packaged bags of Snyder’s of Hanover minis at stores across the country from now through Halloween. For more information about the health benefits of pretzels, log on to www.snydersofhanover.com.


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