And now for some shameless promotion.

I graduated from San Francisco State University in 1991 with a BA in Broadcast Communications. I have worked for several television stations and production companies over the years as a graphic designer and film/video production guy. I lived for a time in Southern California and worked in the film industry as a VFX model maker/production coordinator. Some of the films I worked on were Face/Off, The X-Files Movie, End of Days and Pitch Black. I currently reside in the heart of Silicon Valley working in video for both broadcast and the web. I've channeled my previous model making knowledge and create props for my Halloween yard haunts and displays. If you are interested in setting up a haunt in Northern California and are in need of advice regarding visual design, please contact me.

If you just might be looking for some web graphics work or video production, check out ParticleBox.



A couple of films I've been involved with in the past.